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Ronit Ziv

Ronit Ziv, choreographer, dancer, composition workshop presenter. Winner of the Young Choreographer Award in 2002 and 2005.

Ronit is a graduate of the Thelma Yallin School of Arts, and studied acting at Beit Zvi.
She has an Honors Bachelor's degree in dance and movement
(in the outstanding students' group) from the Dance and Movement department at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Tel Aviv.

Ronit has worked as an independent choreographer since 1998.

For her work Rose Can't Wait, Ronit won first prize in the 1999 G'vanim BeMakhol (Shades of Dance) competition. This gave her the opportunity to create a work for the Batsheva Dance Company (It Will End In Tears), and a year later, in 2000, she produced another work for the Batsheva Dance Company (Marilyn's Night). In 2001, she was commissioned to create another work for Batsheva (Take It Off, Take It Off). She was also asked to put on a performance of Rose Can't Wait for Galilee Dance. In 2001, she was asked by the L'Esquisse Company and the National Center for Contemporary Dance CNDC in Angers, France, to create (Apres Midi); the following year she put on her full-length work, (Undress), at the Rivoli Theater in Porto in Portugal.

Her next works were performed at the Haramat Massakh
(Raising the Curtain) Festival – (Mud) 2002, (Steam) 2003,
(Beauty Free) 2004, (Breaking up the Formation) 2005,
(10 Minutes) 2006 and (Mirror) (2007).
Her independent work Woman A was performed in 2008, as part of Woman A, Woman B.

Her works have been performed, at the Pina Bausch Festival, the Enzimi Festival in Rome, the Marseille Festival, the Sanzwechen Music Festival in Dresden, the Grand Theater in Groningen in the Netherlands, the Tanzhaus in Düsseldorf, and other festivals.

Ronit has been asked to present master classes in Moscow, Italy, Portugal, Germany and France, and was selected for a term of residency at the Pact Zollverein choreographers’ center in Essen.

Ronit was awarded the Israeli Minister of Education and Culture’s Young Choreographer Award in 2002 and 2005, and the American Israel Culture Foundation awarded her an advanced training scholarship in 2004. Ronit won first prize in the Hassia Levy Agron choreography competition in 2002, and also placed first in the G'vanim BeMakhol choreography competition at the Suzanne Delal Center in Tel Aviv in 1999.
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