Ronit Ziv      
Steam   Steam   Steam
Rose Can't Wait
La femme 1
La femme 2
It Will End In Tears
Marilyn's Night
Beauty Free
Breaking up the Formation
10 Minutes


Ronit Ziv, in her most recent dance, inspired by and converse with the works of Bergman and Ibsen, is swinging between imaginary worlds soaked with contrasting emotions, longing for peace and tranquility, fakeness and pretentious, and craving for nature.

Tide, is a dance piece that is made up of three acts, each of which takes place at a different location: on the theater stage, at the seashore and in the rehearsal room. While each part is a standalone piece of work, together they makeup a coherent piece examining the creativity processes, mentor-student relationships and the stage performer’s state of mind. Also taking part in the show is the singer Efrat Ben-Zur, who sings the well known song of Elvis Presley `

Critics: (Translated from Hebrew)
Ruth Eshel, Haa'retz: "...Ronit Ziv is a dancer and an actor that is funny and strong, thorough and superficial. She is an experienced performer, who can do whatever she feels like. She is convincing by her direct statement, moving freely and skillfully from acting to dancing..."

Zvi Goren, Habama: "...Ziv is amongst the very few outstanding choreographers in the Israeli scene, who developed a clear distinct movement vocabulary, which includes both dance and theater acts, and skillfully utilize both music and texts..."

Yael Efrati, Timeout TLV: "... Tide, the new dance piece by Ronit Ziv has the ingredients which have made Ronit one of the prominent choreographers in the country..."

Dancers: Roni Brandstater, Carmit Burian, Ronit Ziv
Singer: Efrat Ben Zur
Music: Ran Bagno, Hector Berlioz, Claude DeBussy, Luciano Berio
Costume: Keren Zarka
Photo: Gadi Dagon