Ronit Ziv      

Workshops with Ronit Ziv:

Creation, contemporary dance and movement for actors.
Ronit presents sessions and classes for people who want to create, who want to dance, and who want to improve their stage presence, and also classes for actors.
The sessions focus on preparing the body, warming up using a relaxation technique and elements of yoga. In the second half, a movement repertoire is taught, and sometimes improvisation or practicing a work.

Recommended workshops for dance coordinators:

A daily (3-hour) artist encounter, including:

Warm-up class
Technique class
Repertoire and dance work class

An artist encounter with a studio performance, including:

A 90-minute class
Studio performance (duet) of 25 minutes
Discussion about the creative processes.

An artist encounter, full program, including:

A 90-minute class
Studio performance for 4 dancers, 60 minutes
Discussion about the creative processes

The workshops are intended for:
Dancers, creators and body artists who want to create a complete work that preserves their inner voice
The workshops focus on improving the movement language, familiarization with elements of creation, and creative processes leading to a complete work.
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