Ronit Ziv      

Woman A, Woman B

Woman A
Three female figures, each one different, are standing in the center of the stage.
One wants to be famous, the second wants to feel loved and the third wants to be in control.
The work was premiered in 2008.
A new work for four dancers.
Original score: Ran Bagno, Diamande Gallas
Costumes: Merav Ohayon
Design and lighting Omer Shizaf
Dancers: Carmit Borian, Roni Brandschtetter, Daniel Gar, Nadar Rosano

Woman B
Based on Mud

Score: Yuval Shafrir
Lighting: Omer Shizaf
Text: Ravid Davra
Costumes: Dalia Leeder
Dancers: Carmit Borian, Roni Brandschtetter, Ronit Ziv


A combined program incorporating Mirror and Breaking up the Formation

Dancers: Ran Bar-On, Carmit Borian, Ronit Ziv, Shani Katzman
Original score: Ran Bagno
Design - Mirror: Noam Dovver
Design – Breaking up the Formation: Alona Roda
Costumes - Mirror: Ronit Ziv, Inbal Leiblich

Beauty Free – 4 Duets

Four duets based on the subject of couples, the body, relationships and loneliness.
Red Bikini Girl
A duet premiered in Porto in 2002
Two women in red bikinis demonstrate gymnastics exercises

Beauty Free
Premiered at the Haramat Massakh Festival in 2004

Hand Made
Premiered for the Muza Dance Company in 2004

Rose Can't Wait
Rose Can’t Wait tries to understand the secret of loneliness, and portrays a woman who shuts herself off from the outside world.
The work has received numerous awards; it premiered at the 1999 G'vanim BeMakhol competition, where it won ?? place.
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